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Salon service menu at Urban Chic Beauty

Waxing Terminology:

Non strip wax  is a slightly thicker wax sometimes called hot wax and is applied in a thicker layer in smaller strips to more sensitive areas like the bikini, underarm and face. Hair here is generally more coarse and dense. The wax shrink wraps the hair and is pulled against the growth for efficient removal. Not having a paper strip greatly reduces sensitivity in this area.  

Strip wax  is formulated to use best on areas like legs and arms. It is removed with a paper strip against the growth of the hair. Wax is applied to the area after being cleansed, a paper strip is then rubbed onto the wax and is then swiftly removed against the growth leaving a clean smooth area. The process is repeated to all areas required and we apply a soothing lotion or oil to sooth the skin at the end.

Brazilian a small strip of hair is left on the pubic bone, all hair is removed underneath and back bikini area, this includes small patch of extended hair growth towards the stomach

Hollywood  full bikini hair removal,

Gstring the sides and top areas that are exposed when wearing thong underwear

Bikini the sides and top areas that are exposed when wearing standard underwear

Waxing Etiquette:

For both male and female bikini waxing services we ask clients not wear their underwear* whilst having this treatment in order for our therapists to complete a thorough and professional wax. Wipes are located in our treatment rooms for use prior so no need to bring any!

*Clients can have the option of wearing their underwear if they're having a standard bikini only. 

  • Threading

Ancient method of hair removal with a cotton thread. The thread is twisted and catches the hair like a tweezer pulling the hair out at the root. Threading is sometimes described as a better method than waxing or tweezing to get a cleaner result. This however is down to personal preference as if the other methods are done correctly you will get the same result. 


  • Tweezing


Hair is removed using tweezers, sometimes hairs can be too short for the wax to grip the hair sufficiently so tweezers are used. This can be anywhere on the body although we try to keep this to a minimum. If the hair is overly short your therapist will advise you to come back when the hair is the correct length for removal with the wax.

Eyebrows/facial hair is often concluded with tweezing as its great for very strong tiny hairs so we get a great smooth result. Clients can opt for tweezing areas such as eyebrows only if they prefer.

Please call the salon or email discreetly for questions about any waxing worries you may have. Ask anything, even if it seems silly it wont be, trust us!!! 

Waxing/hair removal

Pretty much any area of the body can be waxed so if you don’t see it on our price list please just ask us.  We have waxed every area! so this will not be something new to us. The only area that is troublesome is the scalp area so we avoid this. 

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